Monday, September 6, 2010

George Carlin on Religion

The Shocking Society!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Merging both sissy blogs

OK, I've figured it out. The reason I neglect this blog is because I've got the 'Transvestites' blog and so many other blogs to attend to. I've also got atheist blogs and political blogs as well as numerous Yahoo groups and various web sites. What I'm going to do is rationalise everything, merge things together.

Sissy Haven will become the numero uno transvestite site, but be warned, it will from time to time feature things of a heretical nature and the odd political comment. I'm a born rabble rouser and there's no way I can resist poking fun at religious madness and political chicanery. But rest assured, the bulk of the stuff on this blog will be of a sissy nature - lovely gurls in pretty undies exposing their gorgeous suckable clitties. I'm sure you can cope with that.

You might like to check out my latest web site:
 Sydney Sissies

It leads to other things of phenomenal interest to sissy gurls. Do check it out. And do cum to my next Frillseekers party:
Frillseekers Sissy Party

Ciao4now, Kelly Cocksucker

Friday, April 2, 2010

Shocking Society - BIG change!


Commencing Friday 6th April - Shocking Society will not only be free to join but free to use! Following the example of sites like Oasis Active I'm going to rely on advertising revenue to fund the whole thing. Those of you who have already paid me for a subscription will be well compensated. My other web site is Follies Bizarre and that costs $185 a year to join. I'm going to swing your subscription across from Shocking Society to Follies Bizarre. If that's not satisfactory then I will give refunds depending on how much time you lave left on the clock, but you'll have to wait until the advertising revenue starts to roll in.

The advantage for everyone will be, I think, that membership to Shocking Society will soar. We will be one of the very few tranny web sites in the world that offers its customers everything for free. With the money I get from advertising I will pay a web expert to upgrade and improve the Shocking Society site until it becomes the best there is. It's not bad as it is but there are several improvements could be made and they will be made.

Your feedback would be appreciated.

Ciao4now, Kelly

The Shocking Society!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Frillseekers party - 9th April

The next Frillseekers party will be on Friday night, 9th April. 8pm till 1am. After a bit of a dip last year these parties have picked up nicely and now we get a good number of sissy gurls and appreciative guys at every party. If you enjoy the sissy lifestyle you really should make the effort and cum along!


I've launched a Facebook account. You'll find me at KellySissyKnickers
I've uploaded six photos so far. If you've got a Facebook account please link to me.

CORRECTION! I don't have a Facebook account. Facebook just deleted it. A bit too raunchy apparently.

New sissy pics for Follies Bizarre

I've found some really interesting sissy pics for the Follies Bizarre web site. They've been posted by someone with a fixation about pretty young sissies, most of them being being humiliated - here's an example...

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sissy party THIS Friday night - 5th June

The Friday night parties have been getting better and better every month. Friday 5th June will be no exception but depending how the bubonic plague evolves it might be the last one for a while.

Boo hoooo...

Please stay away of you're coughing or sneezing or passing clay models of Fred Nile through your arsehole.

For more info go here -

Ciao4now, Kelly

Monday, May 25, 2009

Academy for Sissies

The Shocking Society!

Today in History

May 24 1610

Buggery is criminalized for the first time in North America, when the Virginia colony declares that "[n]o man shal commit the horrible, and detestable sinnes of Sodomie upon pain of death."

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wicked Wednesdays

Wednesdays are strange, sometimes they sparkle but sometimes they fizzle. I'm going to persevere, in fact I've come up with a good idea to attract more than 20 gurls and cockmen along every week.

I'll have the house nice and warm with a roaring log fire and the curtains pulled so you can strip down to your undies and take turns squirting into each other's mouths and spermholes. Alternately you can just watch and masturbate, but do cum for some fun!

XXX Kelly

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Today's Sissytoon

The Shocking Society!

Frillseekers party - Friday 5th June

After a bit of a lull last year, the Frillseekers parties have picked up magnificently. We now get a full house of sissies in their frilly undies and mini skirts and everyone looking as pretty as can be.

We also get plenty of rude men intent on molesting the gurls and behaving in a shocking manner toward them. Oddly, the gurls keep cumming back for more!

Make a note of Friday 5th of June and do make the effort to attend.


XXX Kelly SissyKnickers

Frillseekers info

Sissy of the day

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Japan: Bra For Men

Reuters | Submitted by: Jean

Once again, the Japanese are light years ahead of the United States: "Since launching two weeks ago on Rakuten, a major Japanese web shopping mall, the Wishroom shop has sold over 300 men's bras for 2,800 yen ($30) each. The shop also stocks men's panties, as well as lingerie for women."

Read article...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Banned advertising

OzTaboo Adult Contacts

Frillseekers November Party

Friday night, 7th November -- what a fabulous party! It started off slow and at first I thought it was going to flop, but by 9pm it picked up and by 9.30 the whole place was a scene of obscene decadence. I think it was the most sexcessful party since the old Lewisham days, twelve years ago.

Thank you everyone who attended, let's hope this signals a return to the good ol' days when frocks were a swirling and cocks were a swishing and everybody used to go home with a huge smile on their face.

OzTaboo Contacts

Sunday, October 12, 2008

OzTaboo gurl

Afghani tranny

Friday's Frillseekers Party

I was pleased with the turnout on Friday, seeing as it was a holiday weekend and several people were away, we still got nearly 20 people. A good ratio of sissy gurls to guys too, that always works better. Plenty of cocksucking action and I noticed some gurls getting their slut-hole filled. That's what we like to see, everyone really going for it. I think everyone went home with a big smile on their face.

That's Jennifer on the right, she wanted her face kept hidden. Fair enough.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My recent visit to Aarows

Aarows is a gay and bi club situated at Rydalmere, west Sydney. I'd been before and wasn't particularly impressed, but seeing as it's free for trannies and women on Saturday nights I decided to give it another try. Parking was tricky because the place was busy, I'd say about 150 people. Mostly guys, of course, but quite a few trannies and even a few women.

The place itself is huge, too big in my opinion. Three floors - ground level is the snack bar, changing rooms, spa, saunas, pool table, stage, televisions and an outdoor smoking area. On the first floor there are several darkened rooms for sex, including a suckatorium, sling room and a room with a cage. On the top floor there are more rooms. Combined, probably about forty rooms in all.

Now here's the strange thing, I arrived about 9pm and I walked all around the place, up and down and round and around and then up and down again. In one room there were three middle-aged men watching porn on TV, one of them was wanking while the other two ignored him. In another room there is a narrow exit which leads to a small darkened area with a mattress on the floor. One guy was sucking another while another looked on.

And that's it!

The suckatorium was empty and so were all the other rooms. Everyone was just walking around paying no attention to anyone else. People avoid eye-contact, or any contact at all for that matter. Oh, there was a small group of Asian trannies, probably three in all, sitting by the first floor stair well, talking. Talking, not mixing. Perhaps they get into it later.

One thing that really pisses me off at Aarows is their clothes optional policy. It means that most of the guys are walking around fully dressed, or at best, wrapped in a towel. Two tough looking blokes in long coats and wearing big heavy boots strode past me and nearly bowled me over. They were quite menacing.
I returned to the ground floor and met Angel and David, two friends of mine who I knew would be there. Angel is a real woman who loves her sex, and Barry was there too. I also bumped into Celestine, Wendy and Lisa, tranny friends of mine, plus a few other gurls who recognised me but I couldn't place them.

A male stripper appeared on the stage and inserted a dildo up his arse but no one appeared interested, least of all me. Then a guy playing a guitar took over. I guess there would have been a dozen people close to the stage but no one was really interested. Frankly I was bored. I had been there for almost an hour and nothing was happening. The only places where there seemed to be any friendly conversation were around the pool table and the outdoors smoking area. Everyone else, except for the people I already knew, didn't want to know me or anyone else for that matter, or so it seemed to me.

Lisa warned me that I had parked in a towaway area so I zoomed out to save the car, and decided not to return. Apparently, thanks to Angel, things started to liven up about half an hour after I had left. Cel tells me there was a bit of bi/tranny action going on somewhere, but I doubt if the whole place was hopping. Most guys would have been walking up and down and around and around all night long, doing nothing. It seems extraordinary to me that in a gay/bi club it takes a woman to get things going.

You can't blame the management but Aarows always strikes me as an impersonal and unfriendly place. It seems to attract a very odd bunch of people, except for my friends, of course! The customers just don't seem to know what it is they want. Are they gay, bisexual or just bi curious? I can't tell. On the positive side, we're lucky to have such a place in the inner west. A bit like the local Coles supermarket at Telopea, everybody moans about it but we're lucky to have it.

I just wish the management at Aarows would make up their minds exactly what sort of crowd they're trying to attract and stick with it. It's been trannies welcome, trannies unwelcome, trannies welcome AND free on Saturdays... Same with women. And the clothes optional policy is a killer. It works in tiny hole-in-the-wall clubs but not massive places like Aarows. I don't know why, it just doesn't.

And it needs more socialising areas, maybe convert some of the unused and wasted space into a lounge area with comfortable sofas with its own coffee machine but no television. There's porn a plenty, keep the lounge room just for socialising. And if the management decides to keep it tranny friendly, a changing room complete with mirrors wouldn't go amiss. And as for the techno muzak, the less said the better. OK, I'm old and ancient but I do appreciate some modern music, but not that, whatever it is.

Look, I wish them luck, I hope Aarows becomes a huge success, and I will continue to drop in from time to time. Law of averages, I'm bound to strike a good night eventually!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Welcome to Sissy Haven

Here you will find photos, toons, articles and features - anything of interest to sissy gurls and our admirers. Feel free to comment on anything that catches your fancy.

Monday, August 11, 2008